Big Brother 2017: Andrew Cruickshanks isn't giving Sam Chaloner £5,000

Big Brother 2017

Big Brother's Andrew Cruickshanks has revealed he's not going to share his prize money with Sam Chaloner.

In this summer's series, Andrew stole almost £20,000 from this year's prize fund and evicted fellow housemate Sam in the process as part of a twist.

After his decision, Andrew said in the house he would be giving Sam £5,000 of his money but - to no real surprise - it's not going to happen.

Andrew says his decision follows Sam branding him a "snake" following the twist.

Speaking to BBSpy, Andrew explained that Sam would "Absolutely not" be getting any money: "he called me a snake on live television, and hasn’t stopped since! Lesson learned – he should keep his mouth shut. More money for my grandparents."

He continued: "Soon as I took the money, everyone changed towards me, and so my attitude obviously changed – but I never said anything about anyone that I never said to their face. The word ‘JEALOUS’ comes to mind."

Andrew added he had no regrets over his original decision to pinch the cash, saying: "I would have been an idiot not to evict Sam. I wanted to stay until the end."

Andrew ended up leaving the house with £33,900 in last month's final, having not been able to win the competition as a 'second chance housemate' who joined the show halfway through the series.

It was Isabelle Warburton who won the series, pocketing £65,000.

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