Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas kicks off at Chad Johnson over Sarah Harding

trisha lets rip

Trisha Paytas was left raging at Chad Johnson in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house yesterday.

In scenes set be shown in this evening's episode - which you can preview now below - Trisha kicked off at Chad for spending time with Sarah.


Although Trisha and Jemma Lucy both insisted that there was 'nothing wrong' with Chad's apparent flirting with Sarah, the girls still seemed to take great offence to it.

Jemma began by telling Chad: "I don't think you're honest about how you feel about her. I think that's what honest is. If you want to hang out with her.."

Trisha continued "Then say that 'I wanna go hang out with f**king Sarah', I respect you a lot more. Don't f**king say you're just going out there just to smoke just to hang out with her. You just said you liked her which is fine, f**king like her, don't f**king say that s**t"


A rather confused Chad reacted: "Y'all are like creating some straight up drama right now because I went out to smoke a cigarette."

Trisha snapped: "Are you kidding me? I just went upstairs and defended you and said how much I loved you and s**t, yeah. Like, you're so fake."

"This is so stupid, this is so stupid," Chad replied.


Jemma told him: "If you wanna go outside and smoke three cigarettes and flirt with Sarah there is nothing wrong with that but you cannot say to Trisha 'I'm gonna go, I'll be back in a minute' That's the issue. It's not that you wanted to go out there and be with her

"Not only do you flirt with her you say she's a d**k when she's not around when she did stupid s**t."

Chad then walked out: "F**k this dude, this is stupid. You are guys are being a**eholes."

Trisha let rip: "Go tell Sarah how much we hate her, go tell her Chad because that's what you do. You told Sarah that I'd f**k... she came and apologised because you told her that I was talking about her so f**king go do that.


"Go tell the whole house what a f**king **** I am."


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 8:30PM on Channel 5.

Trisha, Sarah, Chad and Karthik all face eviction this evening.