Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sarah Harding threatens to quit after big bust up

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Celebrity Big Brother's Sarah Harding has threatened to quit the show after a big bust up.

Sarah went to war with Jemma Lucy on last night's episode, with Sarah ending up in tears in the Diary Room.

“I just feel like people are being so two-faced. And anything I say just gets taken out of context," she sobbed to Big Brother.

Sarah explained: "I’m still just at the end of it. I’m so sick of it. There was no need for that. There was no need. I just feel… because I have a fan base they feel threatened. It’s the story of my life.

"And they have no reason to be threatened. I am who I am and I am true to myself. But I am still getting in the neck and what for?"


She asked: "Why am I doing it? Is it really worth breaking me down again? I can’t take much more of this. It's really not fair. I didn’t want to come here for this.”

Sarah was sticking it out in the house as of yesterday but again broke down in tears when discussing the row with Jordan.

"I just didn't like the fact Jemma got involved," Sarah said.

Jordan replied: "I think it got personal and there was no need for it to get personal."

Sarah went on: "I don't know what I've done, why she's like this with me. I just don't know. I've made an effort with her."

She then cried as Jordan gave her a hug and said: "Keep going you'll be okay."

Meanwhile, the first evicted housemate of the series Marissa Jade has spilled that Sarah was "very down and out every day" when she was in the house.

"Sarah is a great girl. From an outsiders point of view, she was very down and out every day," Marissa told The Sun.


The Mob Wives' star, who was evicted on Tuesday before Sarah and Jemma's argument, went on: “I guess it can be portrayed as negative - she stuck to herself, she was complaining she wasn't feeling well.

“I believe she opened up in that manner because she believed she can trust who she was opening up to.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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