Celebrity Big Brother 2017 news! Nominations, Trisha's warning and Sarah to quit?!

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Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Here's all the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 news headlines from the past 24 hours.

It was Marissa Jade who was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother on Tuesday night in the first eviction. Yesterday in the house and not more than 24 hours after Marissa's exit, housemates had to nominate.

The results were originally meant to be revealed in last night's Big Brother's Bit On The Side which aired at 11PM on Channel 5's sister channel 5STAR due to the football.

However, for whatever reason, the nominations have yet to be confirmed and so we'll likely now need to wait until tonight's highlights at 9PM on Channel 5.

Elsewhere in the house yesterday, Sarah and Jemma continued their row - although not face to face.


Speaking about Jemma to Jordan, Sarah cried: "I just didn't like the fact Jemma got involved... I don't know what I've done, why she's like this with me. I just don't know. I've made an effort with her."

Outside in the garden, Jemma was revealing her exact problem with Sarah in a chat with Paul. She said: "But I don't dislike her, I don't like being around her because she is negative and I can't roll with it.

"I can't respond to it. I've got, okay, forget your headache and let's carry on with the day... no, but no but no but moan ."

Sarah's latest tears following the big bust up has led to fears she may end up walking out, telling Big Brother: "Why am I doing it? Is it really worth breaking me down again? I can’t take much more of this. It's really not fair. I didn’t want to come here for this.”

Meanwhile, Big Brother spoke to Trisha in the Diary Room after a conversation with Sam earlier in the week. After reading back Trisha's comments, Big Brother asked: "Big Brother just wants to be clear, you weren't suggesting your followers send hate messages to Sam were you?"

Trisha and Sam.
Trisha and Sam.

Finally, the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 final date has been confirmed for Friday, August 25.

It makes the series just 25 days long, the shortest series in four years.

But for now, Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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