Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Derek Acorah leads paranormal investigation in the house


Derek Acorah has led a paranormal investigation in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house.

Called to the Diary Room, Big Brother told Derek: "Derek, Big Brother would like you to a partake in an investigation."


"Okay," replied Derek.

Big Brother continued: "Shortly, you will lead two spiritual tours. One in the Blossom Suit and one in the Forest Suite.

"Big Brother would like you to read the energy of each room and sense if there is anything out of the ordinary."


"Okay, will do," Derek told BB. "Well let's see what happens."

"Derek, Big Brother is nervous and excited to be entertained by your ghoulish findings," Big Brother went on, "If Big Brother deems that you have been thoroughly entertaining throughout your terrifying tour of the bedrooms then you will pass the task and the whole House will be rewarded .

"Bring it on, let me do this," Derek declared.


And Paul did just that, entering the darkened bedrooms with the rest of the housemates to investigate the paranormal.

You can watch a clip of the task in the video above and more in Wednesday night's show at 9PM.

Earlier in the series, Derek called on any spirits living in the Big Brother house as part of a talent show task.. Derek was hoping that any spirits would move a two-pence piece that he has drawn a circle around, which sat in the centre of a table.

“I want you to take this pen,” he told Karthik, “allow it to come it in”. Karthik drew on the paper as the ‘spirit’ took over his body.

Derek and Karthik.
Derek and Karthik.

Derek said; “His name is Joseph, by the way…he worked here. He was aged 52 when he left his physical life.”


Karthik replied; “I felt a tingling feeling in my forehead. Then I started doodling…that there looks like a face (about his drawing).”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.