Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jemma Lucy takes another swipe at Sarah Harding

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Jemma Lucy has taken another swipe at Sarah Harding on Celebrity Big Brother.

On this evening's show it's Day 7 and Housemates are waking up after Sarah, Jemma and Paul’s fall out from the day before.

Sarah goes to the diary room to speak to Big Brother about the argument the night before.

Talking about Paul, she says; “I don’t think I’m going to trust certain people, especially him. He’s playing a game. A very cunning one.

"I’m just going to be very wary from now on. I’ve got eyes in the back of my head, and one beady eye on him!”


Meanwhile, Paul is talking to Jordan, Amelia and Chad in the bedroom about Sarah. Paul says; “She was hitting me back, really where it f**king hurts. Am I going to talk to her? No. She f**king took it too far.”

At the same time, Jemma and Brandi are in the bathroom talking about Sarah.

Jemma says; “No one is better than any-f**king-one else.

"I’m sick of the fact that she thinks she is.”

Later however, in the kitchen, Sarah and Paul clear the air.

Paul explained: "I was concerned for you, that was the reason. It wasn't out of malice. It wasn't out of me trying to f**king get you out of here. Believe me that."

Sarah told him: "It was just the way it went down and I just thought why doesn't he think before he speaks. It was just a bit personal and that's what really struck."


Paul then took Sarah to task over her comments towards him: "I feel like s**t but then you just hit me below the belt. You hit me where it hurts and you got a bit, you know, a little bit nasty with me... I see myself in you and I just got scared."

"Babe it's fine can we not go on about it. It's on, let's not drag it out," replied Sarah as the pair said sorry.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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