Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Paul Danan spoken to after 'race row' with Karthik Nagesan

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Big Brother has spoken to Paul Danan following his 'race row' with Karthik Nagesan.

The pair clashed on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 over the weekend after Paul pronounced Karthik's name wrong, leading to an argument over supposed racism.

In tonight's show, Karthik and Paul clear up any issues surrounding the comments about racism in the house. Karthik tells Paul; “Reset. I said a few things. You said a few things. Now we are, reset.”

Paul responds saying, “I apologise for getting worked up.”

After, Big Brother invites Paul into the Diary Room and says: "Paul, Big Brother just wanted to call you in regarding your ongoing conversations with Karthik. During your conversation, Karthik misheard you and thought you had said Qatar."


"I didn't, I said Kartha," Paul insists.

Big Brother continues: "With that in mind, it's understandable that Karthik may have thought you were potentially using racist language as it's the name of a Middle Eastern airline and could therefore be seen as demeaning and inappropriate. Can you see it from his side?"

"Absolutely I can, and I completely understand," Paul replies. "If people say Danan wrong and I'm not even going to say the way people can say it but there's a certain thing, I think Sam said it once... don't call me, please don't call me that. It brings up stuff from my school or whatever where people have got it wrong and it really grates on me.

"So I completely get him and I really understand. I know how it feels. It was the last thing in the world I would want him to think. Now it makes sense and I feel a bit s**t about it actually. I think that's going to be very clear and it will not be repeated.

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Karthik is put up for the first eviction of the series.

It’s the third and final day of the weekend's nominations task. Paul, Helen, Amelia, Shaun, Derek, Brandi and Sam are VIP members of the Big Brother Club. They are immune from eviction. The remaining housemates, known as the ‘riff raff’, must continue to wait on them hand and foot.


To conclude the task, Big Brother gathers the VIP’s to the private members club. The ‘riff raff’ secretly watch from the living room. The VIP’s must then shred three more housemate memberships - putting them up for evictiion - and explain why.

The first person up for eviction is Karthik. Brandi says; “I find him disrespectful, and I honestly don’t like him.”

Sam supports this comment, saying; “On personality alone I vote K, obviously. Because he’s a bit of a d*ck.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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