Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jordan and Marissa get flirty but is it all fake?

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Jordan Davies flirts up a storm with Marissa Jade on Celebrity Big Brother tonight.

But it it all for the cameras?

In this evening's show, Jordan and Marissa are flirting in the garden and hold hands; “You do like me. You love me, you just can’t admit it!” Jordan tells her.

Marissa responds; “This is going to be torture for you, because you’re not going to get what you want. You want it.”

Jordan and Marissa are flirting again in the garden. Jordan tells her, “I’m taking you out anyway. I’m taking you out in my town!” Marissa responds; “Oh, are you?”

Jordan and Marissa.
Jordan and Marissa.

"Do you what else would be awesome? If we kissed," says Jordan before kissing her on the head and puts his arm around her shoulder.

"I think we should. Come on, let's just do it. Just a little one."

Marissa however told him no: "Just keep playing. I don't do public kisses."

"This isn't public, only four people here are watching," Jordan replied.

Later on, Jordan seems to have a sudden change of mind about his feelings for Marissa.

In the bathroom, Jordan is talking to Paul and Sam about Marissa; “I was thinking, she obviously wants to use me, for pap shots and press.”

Sam responds, “You’ve got to remember, her show has just been cancelled in the states!”

Paul says he believes it’s a ‘showmance’

Marissa and Jordan.
Marissa and Jordan.

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Sarah is talking to Amelia about her relationship with Chad.

“If you want to talk about it, then maybe just talk to me. Maybe not Paul…I think he’s playing games with people’s minds a little bit," the Girls Aloud singer suggests.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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