Dom Joly says Big Brother will be ruined by it's new home on Channel 5

Dom Joly

Comedian and stand up Dom Joly has revealed he feels that reality megahit Big Brother will be ruined by Channel 5, saying that the 2011 series will be more about "stupidity and breasts". The comic, currently working on a reality series of his own, said the show won't be the same without Davina.

Trigger Happy TV star Dom revealed earlier this year that had was teaming up with former Big Brother producer on Channel 4 Daniel Nettleton to produce a new reality series.

Talking about Big Brother however Dom told DigitalSpy: "I think [Big Brother] will be ruined by Channel 5 if I'm honest. I don't think it will be the same without Davina [McCall]. I think it will become a conveyor belt for OK magazine to produce instant freaks, put them in the mag and then churn them out.

"I expect even more stupidity and breasts. I thought it had reached its maximum breast stupidity level and I did think the last series was the best ever, but... just leave it."

The former I'm A Celebrity contestant is currently on a stand up tour.

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