Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas wants OUT as she brands housemates 'fakes'

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Trisha Paytas has had enough of Celebrity Big Brother 2017 after less than a week.

And in tonight's show, she sacrifices herself to go up for the first eviction in an apparent bid to get out of the house.

Following rows with a number of housemates in her first few days, Trisha is at the end of her tether in the diary room.

She tells Big Brother, “it’s so f*cking stupid, this house. I can’t stand to be around these people one minute longer.”

Big Brother asks if she can share her feelings with her housemates and Trisha replies, “I don’t like them, they’re all f*cking fake.


"There’s no connection. I’ve never been around more fake people.”

Later on, currently nominated housemates including Trisha are given the chance to win immunity from the first eviction in another task.

In an endurance test, they must wait for a star to fall before catching it to the claim the prize that's inside.

Some of the stars contain punishments instead of prizes but it doesn't matter for Trisha who drops her star, leaving herself up for eviction.

Later, Big Brother offers the nominated housemates a temptation in exchange for no further chances to win immunity and therefore automatically facing eviction.

Trisha is the only housemate to accept and enjoys a pizza. “The easiest decision I’ve made in my entire life," she says.

Therefore Trisha now definitely faces the first eviction alongside Marissa Jade.


The pair will be joined by any housemates who fail to win immunity in Big Brother's tasks by the end of Sunday night.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs tonight at 9PM while the first eviction takes place live on Tuesday.

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