Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Amelia Lily and Chad Johnson go on an awkward date

CBB_Day 5_Chad Amelia

Amelia Lily and Chad Johnson got on a date in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights.

And it happens as the love triangle between the pair and Sam Thompson intensifies.

On this evening's episode, Sam, Jordan and Amelia are in the kitchen. While Sam looks for green tea, Jordan whispers to Amelia, “told you, Day 1 you and Sam I said it, I planted the seed. It’s growing, just enjoy it” but Amelia says “the lad’s oblivious.” Jordan promises to “find out” for her.

Later, the currently nominated housemates are given a new task to try and win immunity from eviction.

They compete for 'random prizes' but they don’t know that who receives what was decided earlier by the currently immune housemates Helen, Paul and Derek.


In the task, Amelia wins a romantic dinner for two later that evening. She says “I’m not good at dates, this is gonna be a nightmare.”

Chad wins the chance to join Amelia on the romantic dinner for two – Amelia tells Trisha that she isn’t excited.

Later, Sam speaks to Jordan: “It’s real complicated though, you and Marissa it’s just a bit of fun, for me it’s back of a three year relationship. I’d almost love to rebound with someone” and referring to Amelia “she’s the kind of girl I’d actually like to date.”

Amelia then tells Sam that she’s nervous about her upcoming date with Chad – “it’s a bit of pressure.” Sam tells Amelia that he’s “really bad at dates.”

Marissa gives Amelia advice on her outfit for the date with Chad – “show some boobs.”

Chad and Amelia have their date in the garden. He asks her “why are you so nervous?” and she replies “it’s a bit weird isn’t it.”

Chad tells Amelia that he thought she didn’t want to go on the date – “that’s harsh.” Amelia replies, “I didn’t mean it like that, it’s all fun.”

Paul and Chad are then talking in the bedroom about the date. Paul thinks that Chad should make his feelings clear to Amelia as Sam also “has a soft spot for her.” Chad comments, “the minute we came in she went right to sit down with him.”

Paul then talks to Amelia about Chad – “he thought he was getting somewhere. I don’t want to get too involved, but like straight after the date you went over to Sam and you’re not silly you know Sam kinda has a little thing. He kinda feels like he’s been a bit played. I feel really sorry for him.”

Amelia replies “that’s just made me look bad now. I didn’t do any of this. I don’t want anything with anyone. I got told I had to go on a romantic dinner for two with him, that’s what I did.”

Chad Amelia
Chad Amelia

As night falls, Chad opens up to Amelia in the bedroom about his feelings for her. Amelia says, “I hate awkwardness.” Talking about Sam, Chad explains, “I just feel stupid.”

Amelia then goes onto say, “Paul has made me feel like I’ve done something really bad. I don’t like anybody in that way, I didn’t come in here looking for love.”

Chad gets up to leave the bedroom saying, “you’re just not getting it” and Amelia directly asks if he likes her, which Chad confirms. Amelia tells him, “I’m not a mind reader, how am I supposed to know?”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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