Celebrity Big Brother's Sarah Harding gets tipsy and reminisces about her Girls Aloud days

CBB_Day 5_Sarah

Sarah Harding reminisces about Girls Aloud in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother before getting tipsy in the hot tub.

It all begins when Sarah, Sam, Jemma and Amelia are in the living area comparing ages.

Amelia tells them, “I knew I was gonna be the baby in here” and Sarah replies, “you must have only been 18 when you came on tour with us.”

Amelia goes onto say, “If I could relive anything in my career, it would be your tour. I had the best time.”

Sam asks Sarah what her top moment was when Girls Aloud were at the height of their fame and she reveals, “Probably the Brit Awards. But then when we met the Queen as well at the Royal Variety.


"I’ve got one more, at Wembley Stadium supporting Jay Z and Coldplay.”

Speaking about Chris Martin, Sarah tells them “he always said he’d like to write us a song back in the early days.”

Later on, Sarah gets tipsy in the hot tub after losing the latest immunity challenge.

In tonight's show, the remaining housemates still at risk of Tuesday's first eviction get another chance to win immunity by waiting it out to catch a falling star with a mystery prize inside.

What the non-VIPs don’t know is that some of the stars contain punishments instead of prizes, and who receives what was decided earlier by the founding members of the VIP club - Paul, Helen and Derek.

Sarah drops her star and therefore does not get a prize.

Meanwhile, Amelia wins a romantic dinner for two later that evening. Brandi catches her star and wins VIP membership. Karthik’s star does not contain a prize. Jemma must later colour in pieces of popcorn with a felt-tip pen. Shaun’s star contains VIP membership.

Amelia and Sarah.
Amelia and Sarah.

Trisha fails to catch her star and doesn’t win a prize. Chad wins the chance to join Amelia on the romantic dinner for two.

Sam also wins VIP membership. Jordan catches his star but is given a punishment. Sandi is the final housemate to catch a star and receives a signed photo of Paul.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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