Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas argues with Sam Thompson (again)

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Trisha Paytas and Sam Thompson lock horns again on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight.

Fresh from their row the day before, the pair start off the morning with an apology.

Later, Sam apologises and tries to make amends with Trisha in the bedroom.

Trisha talks to Big Brother in the diary room about Sam’s apology.

Later, Trisha talks to Sam in the garden and says she can start drama for no reason as she gets bored and is temperamental.


And sure enough when housemates are subsequently gathered in the living room, drama starts.

Jemma asks housemates to name someone they would kiss in the house. Trisha chooses Sam and says she’s used to choosing ‘a**holes’ which Sam is offended by. Amelia also chooses Sam.

Trisha discusses her soft spot for Shaun and says: “he’s so f**king sweet, and handsome, a sweet guy, not c**ky, he’s gentlemanly and always holds doors open for me.”

She explains “I date a**holes but I love sweet guys and I think he is the most attractive” referring to Shaun.

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Big Brother gathers housemates to tell them they are being punished due to housemates discussing nominations. Sam and Jordan are caught out, as is Brandi, and consequently the house are given basic rations.

Meanwhile, Sam comes clean about feelings for Amelia.


He says “I feel like we’ve got the best connection in here, but having said that, we are only three days in. There’s an initial (attraction), that’s why I said I would kiss Amelia, there’s an attraction, she’s a really cool girl”.

Amelia responds: “I’m so embarrassed, I’m really flattered actually, you’ve actually got balls Sam to say that”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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