Celebrity Big Brother love triangle! Chad Johnson and Sam Thompson both like Amelia Lily

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

There's a Celebrity Big Brother 2017 love triangle forming and Amelia Lily is at the centre of it.

She appears to have caught the attention of both Chad Johnson and Sam Thompson leading to an awkward situation in the house.

In this evening's episode, Chad is measuring his bi-ceps in the bedroom with Amelia. She asks him why he is measuring his arms and he says “Because I have got to measure if their small then I’m not eating enough and if I’m bigger that means I am eating too much.”

After, Chad talks to Big Brother in the diary room about Amelia and says he gets on really well with her and really likes her. He says “She gets really nervous when I’m talking to her and she shows a lot of emotion. I don’t think she’s f**king with me”.

Later, Brandi talks to Sam and Amelia in the living room and tells her “He is jealous that, even the fact you would say that Chad is attractive. You know when something bothers you, you wind people up about it. It’s because he likes you”.


Sam says “I feel like we’ve got the best connection in here, but having said that, we are only three days in. There’s an initial (attraction), that’s why I said I would kiss Amelia, there’s an attraction, she’s a really cool girl”.

Amelia responds: “I’m so embarrassed, I’m really flattered actually, you’ve actually got balls Sam to say that”.

In the evening, Amelia tells Chad “Paul has made it out to look like I fancy you, but I don’t.”

Chad says “oh thank you, you really know how to make a man blush” and Amelia continues “I don’t graft on men” and Chad says “would you let me go after you?”, she responds “I’ve never really been grafted on” and Chad questions “grafted?, what are you making up words?”.

Trisha then talks to Chad in the bedroom about Amelia and tells him “that’s not who you’re supposed to go for in this house but I like it.” He is coy and she continues “that is crazy, of all the girls, Marissa first, then Jemma, then her (pointing to Brandi).

"She’s not the hook up type so you can’t hook up with her. What are you going to do have a hook up across the pond, you going to move to England?”.

Trisha talks about how conservative Amelia is and says: “I love that you love the non-slutty one of the house, that makes me so happy.”


Chad explains “No, I’m not like that, I look like I would be, but I’m not, I know what I look like and act like”, she says “aw I love the romances in this house”.

Meanwhile, in another not so complicated emerging showmance, Jordan and Marissa talk in the smoking area and she tells him “I like a man who knows what he wants”, Jordan responds “I know what I want”, she says “What do you want?” and he replies “She’s sat next to me”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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