Sam Thompson reveals weird CBB crush as he spills on Tiff Watson split

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson has confessed to having a strange crush on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

In tonight's show, Sam says he's attracted to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, despite likening her to his mum.

Sam is seen in the diary room, talking to Big Brother about Brandi: “Brandi is f**king a legend. Brandi is the girl. She’s sexy.

"I’ve got a massive crush on her I'm not going to lie.

"I know it can never go anywhere, I know I'm like a son or whatever... but a son can dream, do you know what I mean?"


The crush confession follows Sam opening up about his split with Made In Chelsea co-star Tiffany Watson.

Jordan Davies says: “I think Tiff will take you back, mate. I think she’ll see how you are in here... I think she will”.

Sam responds: “What I hate about the girls on my show, none of them have a backbone. They’re all spineless, other than Tiff and Liv, and Toff, actually.

"Tiff was always happy, always. Then as soon as you get some of her dicky mates who are permanently miserable in her ear...”.

Jordan asks Sam if he would marry Tiffany; “I’m too young, man. Too young” he replies, “It’s hard maintain a relationship on a show like that. The thing is as well...

"I sometimes throw my toys out of the pram. Sometimes I'm like, this has got too much. Your mates suck. You're starting to suck. I'm sure I now suck. Let's just go on a break."

Sama and Paul.
Sama and Paul.

Meanwhile, there's tension brewing between Sam and Trisha Paytas.

He says: "We're just two very different people. I don't think she gets my humour. It's fun to wind her up. I feel there may be a bit of tension between Trish and myself...

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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