Sarah Harding's 'feud' with Cheryl revealed on Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Sarah Harding reveals the truth of her 'feud' with Cheryl Cole on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight.

In this evening's episode, Emma and Sarah are in the bedroom, talking about Sarah’s girl band days.

It starts with the pair discussing the heights of the girls with Sarah remarking how she used to feel like a giant next to Cheryl.

"She's like a Polly pocket," remarks Sarah. "She's very petite.

“I haven’t spoken to her in a while I last her when we were doing the Xtra Factor”, she tells Jemma, who asked if they fell out.

"Everyone asks that," Sarah continues, “It's just that we’re so busy with our own stuff... It’s not for me to say, honestly.

"I don’t like talking about the other girls”, she replies when Jemma asks if they are still friends. "We were like sisters, so it was never going to be plain sailing the whole time.

"I've been around girls all the time, it's difficult sometimes.

"Nothing's forever. We went through a lot together, nothing lasts forever, we went through so much.

"Even if we had fall out I'm sure it wouldn't be a major deal in the future."

Sarah's comments follow tears in the Diary Room on last night's show when discussing her previous time in the public eye.

Speaking to Big Brother in the diary room, Sarah said: “I know I’ve had my trails and tribulations throughout the years, a lot of which has been documented. I haven’t got thick skin, people don’t realise that.

"When that all ended, where do I go form there? This is for me getting a second chance to show people who I’ve grown into. I’m sick of being judged on the past to be quite frank."


She added: "You learn by your mistakes and regrets. I to make the most of this experience, it’s not everyday you get another opportunity to make the most of your life.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

This evening's episode airs at 9PM.

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