Celebrity Big Brother 2017 news! Shaun fears revenge, poo talk and Chad out?

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Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017

Here's all the latest news headlines from Day 2 of the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house.

Last night's highlights show saw a recap of the first day's action, as Barry from EastEnders aka Shaun Williamson made a killer nomination.

He put Mob Wives' star Marissa Jade up for the first eviction of the series, which she wasn't too happy about.

In the house yesterday and waking up on his first full day in the house, Shaun feared revenge from Marissa and joked he'd need to buy a horse so she could cut off its heed and put it in his bed.

While Shaun was fretting, Trisha Paytas was left unhappy by Karthik Nagesan and Paul Danan's poo chat.


As the housemates woke up on their first morning, Paul complained to The Apprentice star: "I caught you in that toilet doing a poo. Then this one. What's wrong with you man? Stick to one. Don't keep spreading your poos!"

All the talk of toilet habits didn't impress Trisha, who went to the Diary Room to complain about the 'disgusting' talk.

Also failing to impress after 24 hours inside the house was American hunk and former star of The Bachelorette Chad Johnson who spent his first full day in the house working out topless.

But his performance in the garden saw The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville speak to Big Brother in the Diary Room: "I don't know that there's a lot to him besides 'bad Chad with my shirt off'. I don't know he has a lot to put into a conversation. Not in a bad way, he's just all dude, all the time.

"I think the Brits are a little more creative and outgoing and will start a conversation with you and Chad... has his shirt off and is talking about himself."

It's not just Brandi who feels the same way with viewers also wanting Chad out after his egotistical first night Diary Room entry about the girls of the house all wanting him.


Elsewhere, outside of the house, Goggleboxer Sandi Bogle has been installed as the early favourite to WIN the series.

Meanwhile, ratings for this week's Celebrity Big Brother launch show the first episode was seen by 1.8 million viewers - the least watched opener to date.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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