Big Brother 2017 winner Isabelle Warburton to donate part of her prize money to charity

Big Brother 2017

Isabelle Warburton is donating part of her Big Brother 2017 prize money to charity.

It was Isabelle who won Big Brother 2017 last week, beating Raph in the final vote.

Deborah finished in third place with Tom coming fourth in the final.

Isabelle left the house with £65,000 of the original £100,000 prize pot, having been in the house for 38 days after entering a few weeks into the series.

Speaking after her victory, Isabelle revealed plans to donate some of her cash to a mental health charity.


“I just think that mental health is really neglected because people don’t see it – so like, a broken leg is given more attention than like something that’s within your head," she told The Sun newspaper. “And until you’ve suffered from anxiety or anything along those lines you don’t know how people are feeling and it’s so important to raise awareness."

She added: “I mean I’d never say I’ve struggled with anything severe but I do know people that have and I just think it’s important.”

Isabelle won BBUK last Friday night with more than 50% of the public vote, the Big Brother voting figures revealed.

After her exit, Isabelle suggested her now famous fake tan helped steer her to victory.

She explained: "It definitely boosts my confidence. I think that it was because I’m so out of routine I just needed to put double the amount on just to make sure I was covered in all areas.

“It was a nice feeling – I felt good when I was bronzed. I definitely would’ve argued more with housemates if they hadn’t allowed me to bring it in.

“If you needed a little time out – grab the bottle just have a little five minutes just doing your tan. You feel regenerated, feel recharged.

“You feel a different person. You feel amazing, like you’ve just stepped off the plane."


She added of tanning in the house: "I’d say I did it pretty much every day. I topped up was doing it as and when.

“There’s such little to do in there, I just thought why not, get my bottle out and have a little bit of a tan."

Big Brother airs on Channel 5.