Big Brother 2017: So did it all kick off at the wrap party?

Big Brother 2017

The ex-housemates, finalists and winner reunited last night for the end of seris wrap party.

And despite extra security being on hand in the expectation of things turning nasty, it was actually full of love, peace and harmony... sort of.

Hurricane Sue tweeted: "The @bbuk wrap party wasn't as dramatic as y'all wanted it to be. @MissMcCleary, Randy Mandy & our beefs are SQUASHED. #LovePeaceAndHarmony"

Chanelle then tweeted: "A lot of respect for apologising, was very big of you, onwards& upwards, wish you all the best and success in futureā¤"

However it apparently wasn't so friendly between Rebecca and Chanelle.


Rebecca tweeted: "I requested a meeting with her [Chanelle], like she said, she refused!!!!! #bbuk"

And before the wrap party there was one incident that saw Simone REMOVED from the final altogether.

Second Chance Housemate Simone says she was kick out of the final and banned from the evening wrap party after 'spitting' at Andrew.

"OmG spat at Andrew an security jumped on me told me I can't go 2 the wrap party I am not bothered there all kicking off at each other anyway," she tweeted.

She then added: "can't take a risk with me because I am a security risk ? no I am not I have turned my life around watch out for the other house mates !"

And sure enough, when Bit On The Side kicked off Simone was nowhere to be seen.

This morning, she added: "Not that it makes it any better but I did not spit on Andrew I spat on the floor in front of him to show my disgust. No spit touched him."

Meanwhile, Lotan, Kayleigh and Arthur were not invited to attend the final.


It was Isabelle who won Big Brother 2017 in the show, beating Raph in the final vote.

As we saw in the two hour final, first out on the evening in fourth place was Tom Barber following the first vote freeze of the evening.

Deborah than followed her out the door leaving it a head to head race for the win between Raph and Isabelle and once the final vote had closed, host Emma Willis went to the house to announce Isabelle as the winner.

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