Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary slams "embarrassing" ex housemates ahead of the final

Big Brother 2017

Chanelle McCleary has branded her ex-housemates "embarrassing" ahead of tonight's Big Brother 2017 final.

This week saw Chanelle dramatic return to the house this week but she wasn't alone.

Rebecca, Sukhvinder, Imran and Sue also made comebacks as part of a task, leading to huge rows between the group and the then remaining housemates.

"I was surprised about how much Rebecca was tweeting about me – I did think that was embarrassing," Chanelle said this week of the fallout. “And Sue has a lot to say – just commenting on my appearance, saying I’m so plastic I’d melt in the sun."

She told The Sun newspaper: “These are grown women – Sue has a daughter – and they should be embarrassed.

Chanelle and Rebecca.
Chanelle and Rebecca.

“I have no desire to argue with them because they’re just embarrassing.

“I do think that’s disappointing. They’re definitely more vocal outside the house.”

Chanelle added: “I will speak to Sukhvinder and Imram (her husband) because I actually really admired them.

“With the other housemates it’s kind of like good riddance."

Meanwhile, Chanelle’s nan Vivien has blasted Tina Malone after she lay into her granddaughter during an appearance on Bit On The Side.

Tina revealed her distaste for Chanelle, telling host Rylan Clark-Neal: "She seems to brag about how many STIs, how many men she's slept with, how she can put a condom on, how loud she can be... I think she's a disgrace! An absolute disgrace."

Chanelle's nan hit back:: “I’m very, very annoyed. This woman does not know Chanelle and really she should apologise, it was just uncalled for.

“All she had to say was ‘I don’t like the girl full stop’ but to come out with all those phrases about STIs and d**ks, there were no need."


She added to The Sun: "She was absolutely vile."

Chanelle will return to Big Brother again tonight with the ex-housemates for the final.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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