Big Brother 2017: Kieran Lee reveals the truth about him and Rebecca Jane

Big Brother 2017

Kieran Lee has revealed the truth about himself and Rebecca Jane on Big Brother 2017.

Kieran got the axe in last night's show in a backdoor eviction alongside Hannah when lines were frozen. The pair had the fewest votes to win when the poll was paused.


Kieran and Rebecca had entered the house together as 'friends' but the exact status of their relationship was always a bit of a mystery.

In her surprise return to the house this week, Rebecca claimed that she and Kieran had sex just hours before entering the house.

Speaking on Bit On The Side tonight, Kieran admitted that was true - but insisted they really were nothing more than friends.

Rebecca and Kieran.
Rebecca and Kieran.

"Me and Rebecca are just friends, just pals," he told Rylan.


Kieran went on: "Yeah, I've slept with her, it's just sex! Yeah we had sex two hours before we went in.

"If you ask me to be honest I'll be honest."

And he added: "I went for my reasons. I had my own journeys to conquer."

Meanwhile, Kieran's fellow former BB housemate Lotan Carter has denied claims by Chanelle McCleary that he and Rebecca slept together after their exits from the house.

Chanelle and Rebecca clashed in Big Brother this week over shock claims about Lotan.

As part of a task a number of ex housemates returned including Chanelle and Rebecca, as well as Sukhvinder, Sue and Imran.


Chanelle branded Rebecca a "w***e", prompting Rebecca to ask “You wanna call me a w***e on camera, you should explain it”.

“You sh**ged Lotan just to get a f***ing magazine interview. You’re embarrassing”, Chanelle alleged in her reply.

On Twitter, Lotan reacted with some very short and blunt replies.

Chanelle and Rebecca.
Chanelle and Rebecca.

"Wow" he posted simply at first during the episode.

"Is this true about Rebecca? 🙊 xx" asked a follower.


"No," Lotan replied.

Big Brother 2017 concludes tonight with the live final on Channel 5 from 9PM.