Big Brother bosses beef up security as housemates reunite for the final

Big Brother 2017

The Big Brother 2017 housemates reunite for tonight's final and security could be kept busy.

The reunion follows a previously dramatic row between some of the ex housemates inside the house this week as part of a task.

We saw Chanelle and Rebecca return and face off in a major argument that ended with Chanelle inviting Rebecca to a showdown at the Holiday Inn.

"I’m at the Holiday Inn come to my hotel tonight b***h. Meet me outside see if you’re gobby then," Chanelle said.

Tweeting after exiting the house (again), Chanelle tweeted: "So the @bbuk wrap party tomorrow will be........ FUN😆 can't wait to see my BB family yassssssssss ❤"

Chanelle and Rebecca.
Chanelle and Rebecca.

And Rebecca posted: "Well.... final night is going to be fun.... #bbuk"

It's not just Rebecca and Chanelle's feud that could cause fireworks.

Chanelle apparently also has issues with former housemate Mandy, who is the mum of fellow ex housemate Charlotte.

Speaking on Bit on The Side, Chanelle said there needed to be security to keep her away.

Talking about Mandy and Charlotte, who faced eviction this week, Chanelle complained: "Charlotte's going to go, she's two faced, she says things behind people's backs, she doesn't say it to their face.

"She's boring, she's a snob and she needs to get out.

"Her mum I won't even go into that! Let's not get into Mandy."

When host Rylan Clark-Neal teased they'd be reuniting at the final, Chanelle replied: "Get the security round me!"

Chanelle then dropped the bombshell claim that Mandy had allegedly tried to 'come on' to her boyfriend while she was in the house.

Charlotte and Mandy.
Charlotte and Mandy.

The Big Brother 2017 final airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

One of Deborah, Isabelle, Tom or Raph will be crowned the winner.

Meanwhile, it's expected that Lotan, Kayleigh and Arthur will not be invited to attend the final.

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