Big Brother's Chanelle McCleary and Rebecca Jane continue feud outside the house

Big Brother 2017

Chanelle McCleary and Rebecca Jane have continued their fight outside the Big Brother 2017 house.

In tonight's show, the evicted housemates returned to the show for a task and it all kicked off between them.k.

During their stay, an argument broke out between Chanelle and Rebecca as Andrew asked the ex-housemates for their opinions of him.

Chanelle, Raph and Isabelle were sat in the garden as Rebecca walked outside to them.

“You wanna call me a w***e on camera, you should explain it”, she said to Chanelle.


“You sh**ged Lotan just to get a f***ing magazine interview. You’re embarrassing”, Chanelle alleged in her reply.

The pair then ended up in a shouting match in the garden as the other housemates watched on.

As the episode aired, Chanelle and Rebecca continued to fight on Twitter.

"Battle of the Bitches... One says slanderous false accusations, the other states the truth, because she has more than 3 brain cells.. #bbuk," tweeted Rebecca.

She added: "She thinks she's loved... she got the most votes TO EVICT.. not only on the night she came out, but also when the HM's evicted @MaddSusan

"It's SO funny how 'it' calls us fame whores & attention seekers... did we have sex on TV & go on EVERY irrelevant program?! .. um, no #bbuk"

Chanelle hit back: "Actually worried how obsessed certain people are with me, like wow I will send you a signed pic honey don't worry 👋🏼😂 #begs #pastyourexpiry"

She also posted: "Beg, camera hungry, fame hungry, fake, w***e.... lots of words come to mind when your name is mentioned honey #embarrassing #yawn


"Must say it's embarrassing how past housemates act, trying to provoke an argument for airtime, queens don't compete with hoes 👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽 #trash."

And referring to her invitation in the house for Rebecca to meet her at the Holiday Inn, Chanelle added: "Save to say she never turnt up at the holiday inn 😏"

It's certainly going to make for an interesting final when the pair come face to face again...

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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