Big Brother security at the final over Chanelle's feud with Charlotte's mum Mandy

Big Brother 2017

Big Brother will require security at the final after Chanelle McCleary kicked off a feud with Mandy Longworth.

Former housemate Mandy, who is the mum of fellow ex housemate Charlotte, is set to reunite with Chanelle at the final.


And speaking on Bit on The Side last night, Chanelle said there needed to be security to keep her away.

Speaking about Mandy and Charlotte, who faces eviction tonight, Chanelle complained: "Charlotte's going to go, she's two faced, she says things behind people's backs, she doesn't say it to their face.

"She's boring, she's a snob and she needs to get out.

Charlotte and Mandy.
Charlotte and Mandy.

"Her mum I won't even go into that! Let's not get into Mandy."


When host Rylan Clark-Neal teased they'd be reuniting at the final, Chanelle replied: "Get the security round me!"

Chanelle then dropped the bombshell claim that Mandy had tried to 'come on' to her boyfriend while she was in the house.

It's certainly going to make for an interesting final night on Friday when the housemates reunite.

Elsewhere on BOTS last night, joining Chanelle were Sam Chaloner and Ellie Young who revealed their romance on the outside world hasn't exactly gone to plan.

The pair were both evicted together on Friday night alongside Chanelle in a triple exit.

But despite having the weekend to themselves, the couple have yet to "seal the deal".


Speaking to Rylan, Ellie said: "No!

"He couldn't get excited. I banged my head and was nearly concussed because I was that excited about it.

"That's what happened.

Ellie and Sam.
Ellie and Sam.

"He's got one more chance tonight."

Sam confessed: "It is the truth."


He added to Rylan on the spin-off show: "You know when you go to bed and you think what's going on here - I had had a bit too much to drink.

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