Big Brother 2017: TWO more housemates will be evicted before the final

Big Brother 2017

Two more housemates will be leaving the Big Brother 2017 house this week before the final.

It was Charlotte Keys who left Big Brother 2017 tonight in what has turned out to be the penultimate eviction of the series.

Earlier this week, Hannah and Tom delivered their nominations to the house revealing that Charlotte and Isabelle were up for eviction.

Of course we already knew that and by the time the show aired, voting lines had closed. The one of with the most votes secretly got the axe out the backdoor yesterday and her departure was shown in tonight's episode.

As part of a task, Big Brother sent housemates back to school. Housemates were dressed in school uniforms and sat behind desks in the task room.

Isabelle and Charlotte.
Isabelle and Charlotte.

Nominated housemates Isabelle and Charlotte were called to the front of the class where Big Brother make the shock announcement that one of them was being 'expelled' by the public for failing in their popularity.

Each was handed an envelope which revealed their fate, with Charlotte being told she had been 'expelled' and had to leave the house immediately in a backdoor eviction.

Following the eviction, for another part of the task, Big Brother threw the housemates a Graduation Ball, and announced that the final vote to win was now open to the public.

But those that remain are NOT in the final yet.

Well, apart from second chance housemate Andrew who can't win the show.

Channel 5 has confirmed ANOTHER eviction twist that will see a further two housemates booted out via the backdoor once again.


Tonight (Tuesday) will see the lines to vote for the winner open before they freeze on Wednesday. The two housemates at the point of freeze with the fewest votes will be evicted, again by the back door.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs at 10:30PM on Wednesday night.

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