Big Brother 2017 spoiler: One housemate evicted TONIGHT in surprise shock exit

But who was evicted and left last night?


One housemate was evicted out of Big Brother 2017 last night in a surprise twist.

Well, a surprise to the housemates at least.

They were given the boot via the backdoor during a prom style task set by Big Brother, to the shock of the other housemates.

As yet who was evicted hasn't been confirmed (or leaked) but Charlotte and Isabelle were the ones up for the chop.

They were put up for the axe yesterday when Hannah and Tom made their shock return after being 'fake evicted' on Friday.


And in making their surprise comeback, they dropped a nomination bombshell as they revealed that Charlotte and Isabelle were up for the axe.

Tom and Hannah appeared on the living room TV screen to the shock of the housemates, before announcing their nomination decisions.

Hannah put Charlotte up for eviction, saying: "She is going to be my option of nomination. The reason being is because I feel like she should have respected the fact of how it may feel nominating another person that is a pair when you've been in that situation."

Tom then nominated Isabelle for eviction, saying: "She's nominated me twice and evicted me, so yeah I'm going to nominate Isabelle."

The one of the two who gets the most votes was evicted by the backdoor on Monday, with their exit shown in tonight's show.

It's the first of THREE evictions that will take place this week.

Ahead of tonight's secret eviction airing, Channel 5 has confirmed ANOTHER eviction twist that will see a further two housemates booted out.


Tonight (Tuesday) will see the lines to vote for the winner open before they freeze on Wednesday. The two housemates at the point of freeze with the fewest votes will be evicted, again by the back door.

Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

The final airs live this Friday night from 9PM.

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