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Here's all the latest news and gossip from Big Brother 2017 with your Saturday morning update.

It was Chanelle McCleary and Ellie Young who left Big Brother 2017 last night after were both given the boot by the public as part of a triple exit.

Sam Chaloner also left the house although we already knew his departure was coming after actually being evicted earlier in the week on Tuesday as part of the prize money twist.

Raph was left in tears after Chanelle's exit and the housemates were quick to rally around him.

"Raph, remember she won't want you to be upset, will she? Remember that." Isabelle told him.


The latest evictions leave eight housemates in the house: Andrew Cruickshanks, Charlotte Keys, Deborah Agboola, Hannah Agboola, Isabelle Warburton, Kieran Lee, Raphael Korine and Tom Barber.

However there's set to be one last major twist before the final with a fake double eviction... followed by a real backdoor exit.

One more housemate will be evicted from Big Brother 2017 in a secret departure on Monday night.

They'll leave via the backdoor just days before Friday's final, and their exit will be shown in Tuesday night's highlights episode.

Following the live eviction of Sam, Chanelle and Ellie in Friday's live show, Emma announced to the housemates that they had a big decision to make.

Big Brother told them they would be taking part in a face-to-face eviction where housemates were told they had to decide which two of them would leave via the back door.

But in actual fact, the housemates chosen to be evicted will just be moving next door to Big Brother's Attic.

From there, they’ll spy on the others in the main house before re-entering the house in what's sure to be a big surprise entrance.

Big Brother's secret attic
Big Brother's secret attic

Then they'll have the power to put two housemates up for the public vote.

The public vote will open at the end of Sunday's episode and close on Monday, where the housemate with the most votes will be evicted via the backdoor for real. Their eviction will then air in Tuesday night's show.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

Tune in to tonight's show from 10PM to see who is 'fake evicted'.

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