Big Brother 2017: Andrew Cruickshanks packs his bags and plans to leave

Big Brother 2017

Andrew Cruickshanks threatens to leave the Big Brother 2017 house tonight.

After winning £33,900 this week, we don't blame him not wanting to put up with the rest of the group for much longer.

Last night's show saw the climax of this week's prize money twist when one member of the winning team got the chance to steal all of the cash - totalling £18,900 - for themselves.

Both Andrew and Hannah went for the buzzer and it was Andrew who got there first. He then had to pick who to evict, selecting to give fellow second chance housemate Sam the boot.


That saw Andrew win an extra £15,000 after becoming the last Second Chance Housemate in the house.

However Sam hasn't left and will stay in the house until Friday when he makes his exit live.

As a result of Andrew's decision, he won £33,900 and will remain in the house until the final, while the eventual winner will leave with £65,000.

In tonight's show, although his place in the final and cash is guaranteed, Andrew seems to have had enough.

With his decision causing tension between the housemates, he brands his fellow housemates 'fools' and packs his bags to leave.

Charlotte tries to persuade Andrew to stay as he fills black bin sacks with his belongings.

Andrew goes to speak to Big Brother in the diary room and is upset about his confrontation with some of the housemates.

Following the row, Hannah talks to fellow housemates in Thorn Cottage about Andrew and says: “It’s for TV. You’ve got to make yourself look like the victim. That’s how you do that. Trust me, it looks good on TV”.

Whether or not Andrew will actually walk out remains to be seen.


In last night's episode, his decision to steal the cash was criticised by Raph who branded the prize "tainted money".

Raph said: “He claims to be a big Big Brother fan like I am, but if he is, why would he do something like that. I thought it was not the strongest move, I thought it was a bit weak, in the sense of why don’t you just let fate decide.”

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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