Big Brother 2017 results! One housemate evicted in prize money twist

Who was evicted?

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The results of tonight's Big Brother 2017 eviction results are in with out housemate having lost their place in the house.

Sam Chaloner was given the boot in the house yesterday although their eviction was only shown tonight.

And even then, they've not actually left the house yet.

Yesterday in the house was the end of the ongoing prize money task as Big Brother dropped one final bombshell when the Gold team were announced as winners. Big Brother revealed that despite working in teams throughout the task, all the money raised by both groups - totally £18,900 - would go to one person.

Members of the Gold Team - Andrew, Ellie, Hannah, Isabelle or Sam - each stood behind podiums with buzzers. Although he was on the winning team, Kieran did not take part after he was 'banished' in the task earlier, alongside Raph on the opposing team.

Andrew, Hannah and Ellie.
Andrew, Hannah and Ellie.

"To claim the cash you will simply need to press the buzzer after you hear the beep. The first housemate to buzz in will win all the money for themselves," Big Brother then said. However this prize comes at a cost.

"To steal the £18,900, you must evict another housemate."

Both Andrew and Hannah went for the buzzer and it was Andrew who got there first.

He then had to pick who to evict, choosing Sam.

Andrew said: "I don't want to evict anybody, the only thing I can think of is the person I'm in the competition with.. Sam. I feel so f**king guilty."

With Sam being Andrew's only rival in the competition between the Second Chance Housemates, booting him out secured Andrew a further £15,000 on top of the £18,900 stolen from the prize fund.

Therefore, Andrew has won £33,900 and will also remain in the house until the final but he cannot win the show as a Second Chance Housemate.


But in yet ANOTHER twist, Sam didn't leave the house. Instead, he'll remain until Friday night where a triple eviction will take place.

Nominations took place in the house today (Wednesday) and will be revealed in Thursday night's episode. Two housemates will then be evicted live on Friday night alongside Sam.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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