Big Brother 2017 spoiler: One housemate evicted TONIGHT after shock new twist

Big Brother 2017

One housemate is evicted from Big Brother 2017 tonight after a shock new twist.

This week housemates have been playing in two teams to win up to £20,000 for the prize fund.

Andrew, Ellie, Hannah, Isabelle, Kieran and Sam were in the GOLD Team while Chanelle, Charlotte, Deborah, Raph and Tom were the BLACK team.

Tonight, Big Brother revealed the final twist when the winning Gold team entered the task room.

Big Brother announced that in fact, there were no teams and that all the money raised by both groups - £18,900 - would go to one person.

But with an eviction twist.

Big Brother explained: "As the winning team, Big Brother is offering each of you the opportunity to steal the entire amount of £18,900 accumulated by both teams for yourself. Big Brother will countdown from three and sound a beep.

"To claim the cash you will simply need to press the buzzer after you hear the beep. The first housemate to buzz in will win all the money for themselves."

Big Brother continued: "However this prize comes at a cost. To steal the £18,900, you must evict another housemate. If housemates choose not to steal the entire £20,000 will be lost forever. Housemates, prepare for the steal. 3... 2... 1..."

Therefore one of Andrew, Ellie, Hannah, Isabelle or Sam will win the money and get the power to evict another housemate. Despite being on the winning team, Kieran did not take part after he was 'banished' in the task earlier, alongside Raph on the opposing team.

What the housemates don't yet know is that in one last twist - and a Big Brother first - the evicted housemate will STAY in the house.


They'll continue living with the group before making their exit on Friday night, alongside two other housemates in a triple eviction.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The results of the eviction will be revealed on Wednesday night.

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