Big Brother 2017: Now Ellie Young and Sam Chaloner share the private bedroom

Big Brother 2017

Sam Chaloner and Ellie Young get close in tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights.

The pair follow Chanelle McCleary and her boyfriend into the spare room where they get to enjoy some alone time away from the other housemates.

Ellie and Sam got to make use of the private room as part of the ongoing prize money task.

In tonight's show, they're seen enjoying drinks before getting into bed together.

Last night saw Chanelle and her boyfriend appear to have sex in the private bedroom, after she gave up £400 from the prize fund.

Sam and Ellie.
Sam and Ellie.

And many fans were far from impressed with the scenes, accusing Big Brother producers of chasing after Love Island's success.

Chanelle was chosen by Big Brother to receive a temptation in the Diary Room as part of the current prize money task.

Big Brother told her: "Your boyfriend Jake is currently in Big Brother's boudoir, he has high hopes you'll join him for a sleepover.

"But spending the night comes at a cost. £400 will be taken from your team's pot."

Chanelle immediately replied: "There's no questions asked I'm going."

After enjoying champagne and food, the pair got intimate in the bedroom with cameras capturing everything.

"Big Brother is trying to turn into Love Island putting Chanelle's boyfriend in the house for an overnight stay #BBUK" one viewer tweeted.

Another commented: "Nah Big Brother shouldn't really be showing Chanelle and her boyfriend having sex. This isn't Love Island. #bbuk"

Chanelle and Jake.
Chanelle and Jake.

A third posted: "So Big Brother clearly putting Chanelle's boyfriend in to get some of the sex headlines that Love Island is getting! #BBUK #LoveIsland"

"Big Brother wants to be #LoveIsland so damn bad. Desperate right now. #BBUK," a fourth agreed.

More viewers concurred: "This is supposed to be Big Brother not @LoveIsland "

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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