Big Brother 2017 spoiler: Raph and Kieran 'banished' in latest prize fund twist

Big Brother 2017

Big Brother 2017's prize fund twist took another turn in the house yesterday.

Sunday saw the start of the brand new prize money twist, The Steal.

Big Brother announced that housemates would be split into two teams, competing for up to £20,000 of the prize fund. Housemates don't yet know that at the end of the task, one housemate will be able to steal all the cash.

Andrew, Ellie, Hannah, Isabelle, Kieran and Sam are in the GOLD Team while Chanelle, Charlotte, Deborah, Raph and Tom are the BLACK team.

Yesterday, Big Brother gathered the housemates in separate rooms to reveal they could each add £5,500 to the prize fund - by axing a player from the opposing team.

"The housemate who is chosen will no longer be able to win any money in the challenge," Big Brother explained.

The twist saw a lot of frantic conversations between the two opposing teams as they rushed to decide who they should boot off their rivals' side.

The Gold team banished Raph while the Black team banished Kieran. They therefore will no longer take part in the task or be able to win any money from it.

Elsewhere yesterday, Andrew won £3,000 for his team after getting a back, crack and sack wax while Raph spent £150 for a meeting with former BBUK winner Josie Gibson.

Meanwhile, the first task of the twist saw Tom and Hannah do battle in a disgusting eating challenge for £2,000.

Later, the second task involved Andrew and Raph as Big Brother gathered them in the task room behind two podiums for a test of nerves - but neither walked away with any money.

However as well as winning money, housemates have been offered temptations at a cost.

Isabelle spent £150 on a phone call with her sister while Chanelle paid £400 to spend the night with her boyfriend.


Today in the house, Raph spent £150 for a meeting with former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson to talk tactics.

What housemates don't yet know is that at the end of the task, one housemate will have the chance to steal all the money raised.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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