Big Brother 2017 spoiler: HUGE eviction twist revealed

Big Brother 2017

Big Brother 2017 will see an eviction take place today (Tuesday) - but with a huge twist.

One housemate is set to be given the boot but will not actually leave the house until Friday's live show.

The eviction twist will be part of this week's prize money task where up to £20,000 of the prize fund is up for grabs.

In last night's show, it was the start of the twist with housemates split into two teams, thinking that they're working together to try and win money for the prize fund.

In the gold team are Andrew, Ellie, Hannah, Isabelle, Kieran and Sam while Chanelle, Charlotte, Deborah, Raph and Tom make up the black team.


But at the end of the task, the winning team will have to tun against each other.

One of them will be able to steal the cash AND get the power to evict another housemate.

At the end of the task, the members of the winning team will line up behind podiums with buzzers. On the sound of a klaxon, housemates will be invited to steal the money.

Whoever hits their buzzer first will then have to immediately evict another housemate.

But in a Big Brother first, they won't leave the house and will instead stay until Friday's live show alongside another housemate as part of a double eviction.

Assuming they don't just walk out the fire exit, of course...

Monday's latest highlights show saw the start of the prize money twist as housemates competed in their teams to rack up cash.

In one task, Tom and Hannah went head to head in eating disgusting fermented eggs. Tom won the challenge and secured £2,000 for his team.


However it's not just winning cash: As part of the task, Isabelle was called to the diary room and faced with the temptation of speaking to her sister on the phone. She spent £150 picking up the phone.

Chanelle was also called to the diary room and faced with the temptation to spend the night with her boyfriend Jake in the spare room, costing her £400.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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