Big Brother 2017: The 'outcasts' make a pact to stay loyal to one another

Big Brother 2017

Big Brother 2017's 'Team Outcasts' made a pack to stick together in tonight's show.

Chanelle, Hannah, Deborah and Raph got together in the bedroom to vow to stay loyal.

It followed the latest elimination where housemates had to decide between Sue and Chanelle to get evicted.

After baking Chanelle to stay, Deborah and Hannah told Chanelle: "You've been there to the start we know what truth we hold, you've been here from the start, you've never let us go, you've always even behind us, you are genuine friends we know the love we have and will always be loyal to each other."

The group then put their hands together to declare their loyalty.

Deborah and Hannah.
Deborah and Hannah.

"We are the originals together, we are the outcasts," they said, "From the beginning to the end, the outcasts."

Andrew didn't seem best pleased about being left out of the group, and spent the night ranting about Hannah being "moody" following the eviction.

Whether or not the outcasts' pact will actually mean anything remains to be seen, and its set to be put to the test very soon.

A new twist this week will see the prize money at stake.

"They're going to be in teams fighting against each other but at the end of it they'll be battling as individuals," Big Brother host Emma Willis teased on Friday.

Right now eleven housemates remain in the house - although only nine can win.

Isabelle, Hannah, Ellie, Deborah, Kieran, Raph, Tom, Chanelle and Charlotte are currently playing for the win and £85,000.

Remaining 'Second Chance Housemates' Andrew and Sam can't win but are currently playing for £15,000 of the prize fund.


It's not yet clear if the prize fund will impact both groups or just the main housemates.

Over the years Big Brother's prize money twists have seen housemates leaving with all sorts of varying amounts of cash.

Last year's winner Jason Burrill left with £70,000 while 2015 saw Chloe Wilburn get the most prize money ever with £116,100.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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