Big Brother 2017: Hannah Agboola fumes at "rude" Chanelle McCleary

Big Brother 2017

Hannah Agboola and Chanelle McCleary came to blows in the Big Brother 2017 house last night.

The pair had an unusual clash in the bedroom, with Hannah fuming at a "rude" Chanelle.

In a bit shown on Bit On The Side last night, Hannah was seen putting on a 'dramatic performance' to Raph, Isabelle and Andrew.

But Chanelle had plenty to comment about it, offering her criticism over the top of Hannah's scene.

"This is too dramatic, this isn't realistic," she complained. "It's your mum and dad, not an audience."


"You don't have to listen you know," Hannah hit back.

"But you're talking to your mum and dad. This isn't natural," Chanelle added.

"It's not funny. It's my career. Do you mind not interrupting?" Hannah asked.

"I'm giving positive criticism," defended Chanelle.

Hannah then raged: "I can't ever do something without people interrupting. If I was doing something I'd support you and wait to you finish so next time, if you don't mind, don't be rude and allow me to finish."

Chanelle then reacted: "It was only a joke for f**ks sake, Miss negative, f**king hell."

"See now that was good acting," Raph quipped as Hannah left the room.

Chanelle is one of four housemates up for eviction tonight alongside Sue, Simone and Isabelle.


However in a twist, it'll be the housemates who decide one of the evictions. After the one housemate with the most votes is given the boot, the group will have to pick who goes between the next two most voted for housemates.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

Big Brother's double eviction airs at 10PM on Friday.

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