Big Brother 2017: Andrew has a 'secret' confession for Raph...

Big Brother 2017

Andrew Cruickshanks shares a 'secret' with Raphael Korine on Big Brother 2017 tonight.

After a few drinks, Andrew comes clean to Raph about his romantic feelings for him.

Not that there has ever been any doubt following THAT kissing incident.

In tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights tonight on Channel 5 from 10PM, Andrew and Raph talk in the garden about Andrew struggling in the house.

Andrew and Raph.
Andrew and Raph.

Andrew then admits to Raph that he fancies him but there's no showmance here with the pair instead agreeing to remain friends..

While Andrew is getting loved up with Raph, another housemate is getting right on his nerves in the latest episode.

Andrew talks to Big Brother in the diary room and says “Simone is probably the most horrific person I have ever come to encounter with.

"She’s not stopped lying since she came into the house, and the things she lies about is horrendous, that girl is insane, she’s not a nice person”.

Elsewhere tonight, the housemates play Truth or Dare in the Living Room.

Andrew and Raph.
Andrew and Raph.

Raph is dared by Chanelle to give her a lapdance, to big cheers from the rest of the housemates, and Kieran is dared to kiss Isabelle whilst Simone is dared to give Sue a sexy lapdance.

Meanwhile, Hannah plays a prank on the housemates in Rose Cottage by knocking on the window while they’re in bed, causing them to all scream.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM On Channel 5.

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