Big Brother 2017 housemates kick off again as Simone 'refuses to crack'

Big Brother 2017

The Big Brother 2017 housemates came to blows again yesterday.

Simone Reed, Chanelle McCleary, Sue Evans, Andrew Cruickshanks and more were involved in another argument.


It followed on from the latest nominations twist which left Simone, Chanelle, Sue and Isabelle all up for eviction.

In the morning, Andrew spoke to Big Brother in the diary room and said “Simone is probably the most horrific person I have ever come to encounter with. She’s not stopped lying since she came into the house, and the things she lies about is horrendous, that girl is insane, she’s not a nice person”.

In tonight's show, Simone then talks to Big Brother in the diary room and admits to intentionally winding up the house as she knows they find her irritating.


Meanwhile, Sue defends Simone’s personality in the garden with Charlotte, Kieran, Sam, Eliie, Sam and Deborah.

Later on the group clash when Simone declares: "The thing is with me nobody in this house is strong enough to crack me."

Isabelle tells her: "I don't think anybody's trying to crack anybody."


Andrew snaps: "You're throwing around stupid accusations and then just lying about stupid things for no reason whatsoever."

Simone then claimed: "I don't lie."

"You have been caught out for lying!" Andrew said as the topic of the 'bottles in the bed' returned.


Simone then complained about being called names by the other housemates but Andrew told her she only had herself to blame.

Charlotte suggested: "Why don't we just leave it and stay away from each other."


With Simone and Sue then laughing, Chanelle told the pair: "I can't help but say to yous do you wonder why you are up [for eviction] when you start laughing at things..."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.