Big Brother 2017 news! Nominations confirmed, eviction twist revealed and Sam causes outrage

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Big Brother 2017

Here's all the latest news from the Big Brother 2017 house with your Thursday morning update.

Yesterday night's highlights show saw the start of this week's eviction twist called 'The Hunt', where housemates must avoid losing games to keep themselves safe from eviction.

Chanelle McCleary and Simone Reed were the first two put up for the axe in the show, while in the house yesterday a further two names were added to the eviction line up.

Isabelle became the third victim of 'The Hunt' when she lost the game alongside Sam, but there was a twist when Big Brother told the pair: "Sam and Isabelle, your job is now simple.

"You must decide between yourselves which one of you should face eviction this week. You have five minutes to make your decision."

Sue, Deborah, Charlotte and Andrew.
Sue, Deborah, Charlotte and Andrew.

As the others watched on, Isabelle immediately put herself forward: "You've not been in here longer than me so I'll go up. Easy. A million percent. You've only been here a week, I've done triple the amount of time."

Sam didn't seem to offer much objection to this, which left the other housemates raging at his supposed 'disrespect towards women'.

Later on, Sue became the fourth and final housemate to face eviction after the last game in this week's 'Hunted' nominations twist.

In the final game, Sue found herself being targeted for eviction after the already nominated housemates Isabelle, Chanelle and Simone took part in a new challenge.

Therefore, Isabelle, Chanelle and Simone all face this week's double eviction - which has also seen a brand new twist revealed.

Lines for viewers to vote to evict one of the four are now open but will close on THURSDAY night. The housemate with the most votes to be evicted at this point will then be kicked out in the middle of the night via the 'backdoor'.

Sue and Simone.
Sue and Simone.

Then during Friday's live show, the next two housemates with the most votes to be evicted will be put up for another vote - this time from their fellow housemates.

The safe housemates will decide which of the pair also leaves the house, with the unlucky housemate leaving via the front door this time.

Both of the two evicted housemates will then chat to host Emma Willis about their time in the house.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5 with the latest highlights tonight at 10PM.

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