Big Brother 2017 housemates fail shopping task... but still get a load of booze

Big Brother 2017

Big Brother 2017 housemates were rewarded with booze despite failing this week's shopping task.

In tonight's show it was the second day of this week’s shopping task, where housemates had to to try and keep a light bulb in the living area powered up by resisting temptations and dancing on the dance floor when music is played into the house

Deborah accepted her temptation which is a video from her daughter, Ellie accepted a visit from her mum and Kieran accepted a visit from his mum.

Andrew refused his temptation but Sue accepted a visit from her dog.

Isabelle and Charlotte.
Isabelle and Charlotte.

Charlotte and Isabelle were both called to the task room to face their temptations last. As the bulb was low, there was not enough light for both of them to accept their temptations.

They had to pick which one of them could spend time with their temptation or both could refuse to pass the shopping task.

As Charlotte chose to accept her temptation, housemates did not pass this week’s shopping task and therefore did not receive a luxury shopping budget

However just hours later, Big Brother delivered a load of booze to the group.

So much so that there was enough to hide - causing arguments.

Tom and Kieran hid cans of drink in their bedroom but Raph noticed this and confronted him.

“I saw you take it! It should be here for everyone,” declared Raph.


Kieran admitted the crime and told Raph to go and get the drink that he hid.

Kieran offered his hand for Raph to shake however he declines.

Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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