Big Brother 2017 winner revealed... according to Sue Evans

Big Brother 2017

The winner of Big Brother 2017 has been revealed - according to Sue Evans.

So called Hurricane Sue has been sharing her opinions again and is sure she knows who will win.

Yesterday, Sue and Simone Reed were chatting about their fellow housemates following a number of rows between the pair and the rest of the group.

They concluded that they would both be next to be evicted, with Simone remarking: "They hate us both."

Sue and Simone.
Sue and Simone.

"They despise us," agreed Sue.

"They're tolerating us because they have to," Simone went on. "I think Hannah, Deborah, Raph... not sure about Kieran, he's sussing me out...."

But Sue didn't think so: "He's already sussed you out, he's got everyone sussed out in this house, he knows what he's doing."

Sue then declared confidently: "He's going to be the winner.

"Him or Ellie.

"They're not perfect but they're perceived as perfect. Mr and Miss goody two shoes."

Although Ellie was indeed one of the favourites to win when Sue entered the house, since then things have changed.

Chanelle is currently leading the betting with Aoife Heffron, Spokeswoman for BoyleSports, saying this week: “Chanelle is the one to beat after she shortened in from 3/1 to 5/2 leaving Ellie, who she shared favouritism with, in her dust.


"Her main threat is her bestie Raph as punters continue to get behind him to win.”

She added: “Ellie’s popularity has taken a bit of a hit and it could be her new love interest Sam’s fault as we have seen a drop in support for Ellie over the last couple of days resulting in her odds being pushed out to 4/1.”

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.