Big Brother 2017: Tom Barber breaks out of the house after big fight

Big Brother 2017

Tom Barber smashed out of the house on Big Brother 2017 tonight following a big row.

It all started in the garden where Sue spoke to Tom about playing the Big Brother game. Tom got agitated by Sue’s argument that the housemates are playing the game as he argued that he is in the house for the experience.

Kieran tried to get Tom to calm down, and told him that he is falling into Sue’s trap. He is not happy that Tom is arguing with Sue.

Tom then went to the diary room to complain about Sue’s point of view.


He ranted: "When someone comes in an is saying everyone's playing a game when they're not that upsets me. I've been in here since Day One, no one is playing a game, everyone is being themselves. If Susan thinks she knows the f**king score, she's wrong.

"Simple as that. I'm fine, I'm in the hot tub and having a laugh."

Meanwhile, Sue started an argument with Sam, and accused him of a showmance. She shouted at him in the garden while Sam and Ellie were in the hot tub together.

Sue then spoke to Big Brother in the diary room about her feelings about the housemates. She said they are pathetic people.

Later, Tom told Big Brother in the diary room that he wanted to see his girlfriend Paris. He asked Big Brother to call Ellie to join him in the diary room.

Ellie and Tom.
Ellie and Tom.

Ellie joined Tom but he got agitated and forced open the diary room door to escape the main house, before being returned by security.

Big Brother warned Tom he would be spoken to about his behaviour tomorrow.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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