Big Brother 2017: Ellie Young and Sam Chaloner in relationship drama

Big Brother 2017

Ellie Young and Sam Chaloner have been having some relationship drama on Big Brother 2017.

The pair, who enjoyed a secret snog on Friday night, clashed in the bedroom last night.


It followed rows in Sunday night's show when Ellie revealed all to the other housemates about their kiss.

In the bedroom, after yet more kissing, Sam complained to Ellie that he felt he was just a 'substitute Lotan' for her.


"I feel like I've took someone's position, I feel weird. I'm Sam, I'm not anyone else. I've come in here to do my own thing, not to play someone," he said.

Ellie encouraged I got on really well with Lotan... but I never got with Lotan."

"I know you didn't but it seems like everyone thinks you f**king have, it p***es me off." Sam replied.

Ellie repeated: "Stop worrying."


Meanwhile, in more romance drama in the BBUK house, Isabelle Warburton has complained about not being fancied by anyone.

Apparently thinking she's on Love Island rather than Big Brother, Isabelle complained to new second chance housemate Andrew Cruickshanks last night that there was no one in the house to couple up with.

Isabelle moaned: "Nobody fancies me and it p***es me off. Nobody fancies me."

"But would you want anyone in here to fancy you to be fair?" asked Andrew.

Raph and Isabelle.
Raph and Isabelle.

"No it's just annoying there aren't even any potentials," Isabelle replied. "After you've had a drink, you just want to snog somebody.


"I don't want to s**g anybody, I just want to snog somebody, is that too hard to ask?"

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.