Big Brother 2017: Sue Evans is unimpressed with the girls in the house

Big Brother 2017

Sue Evans is settling into life in the Big Brother 2017 house but has run into a few problems.

So-called Hurricane Sue has been left unimpressed by the state of the rooms and messiness of some of the girls.

She complained this morning: "I'm not going to say anything more, there's no point. Joe said to me and he's right, 'Nothing's going to change', moaning is not going to help. "

Sue continued to Deborah and Hannah Agboola: "Nothing is going to change. Their priority is different, their priority isn't cleanliness, their priority is bodies, hair an camera time."

Deborah and Hannah.
Deborah and Hannah.

Deborah replied: "I'm so happy you're in the house, now you know."

Sue admitted: "You always know the house is dirty, there's no illusions there but not this bad. I never knew beautiful young girls can behave in this way on such a massive level."

Meanwhile, it wasn't just the girls that had left Deborah riled up yesterday.

She took to the Diary Room to rant to Big Brother about Tom Barber's reaction to Sam and Ellie's kiss.

Deborah said: "Yesterday there was thunder in the house. Tom has no reason to be involved in nobody's business in the house. I can see him as soon as they said 'we kissed', he's looking at Kieran. Be your own man! If you feel something go and speak to her. "

Deborah and Ellie.
Deborah and Ellie.

She added: "You're a big boy, you're pumping muscles, it's okay Tom, it's not your fight, it's Ellie. I just think Tom is here for the wrong reasons, he's always in somebody's business, just grow up.

"I don't know what size feet you wear, whatever it is go to size 10 because you're acting like a little boy. I'm fed up, I'm just so fed up."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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