Big Brother 2017: Deborah and Hannah plot against 'game playing' Tom

Big Brother 2017

Hannah and Deborah Agboola have Tom Barber in their sights on Big Brother 2017.

The pair are the only two housemates able to nominate this week so far, as part of a new twist.


The duo have won the first two nominations challenges to secure their right to nominate alongside the four new-ish second chance housemates.

Furthermore, this week nominations can be discussed in another twist to the typical format.

Deborah and Hannah.
Deborah and Hannah.

In a chat with one another, the sisters accused Tom of playing a game and suddenly being friends with them after their nominations power.


"People are still playing games, Tom is doing too much," they said, "It's like he really wants to be around us. He understands he f**ked up."

The pair continued: "He wants it too much, he wants that reality star lifestyle. He wants the attention, he's doing too much, way too much.

"Tom has never wanted to play with us like this. He's trying to be the centre of attention."

We reckon we can predict one of the pair's nominations already...


Meanwhile, it's not just Tom that has been winding the sisters up.

Second chance housemate Simone Reed and her noisy 5AM crisp eating left the pair waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Hannah and Isabelle.

Hannah warned: "I'm not going to lie, someone's going to switch at you if you're not careful. I'm telling you now, you don't want somebody to be angry at you.


"On a serous note, someone's going to switch at you."

Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.