Big Brother 2017: Rebecca Jane accuses Joe Quaranta of bullying her

Big Brother 2017

Rebecca Jane accuses Joe Quaranta of bullying her in the Big Brother 2017 house tonight.

This evening's episode sees a major row between the pair and Rebecca is left in tears in the Diary Room.

Tensions between Joe and Rebecca brew throughout the day, starting in the diary room when Joe explains that he likes the boys and the sisters in the house but adds: “Rebecca is not my cup of tea… I would never be rude to her.”

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Deborah, Hannah and Raph are chatting and believe that ‘Rebecca is an instigator’

Later, in a game of truth or dare, Joe is dared to say which housemate is not being their true self; “It’s hard. Rebecca. The reason is I’ve heard a few times you say you’re different on the outside to what you are in the inside. Take it or leave it.”

Following the game, Chanelle and Deborah are talking about Joe, Deborah thinks Joe is ‘mean’

In the smoking area, Rebecca tells Joe: “I think you don’t like me.”

Joe replies: “It’s not that I don’t like you, you irritate me.”

Rebecca tells Joe as she walks away: “You’re a nasty person!”

She then tells the housemates in the bedroom: “Joe is a nasty man. I don’t expect anyone to stick up for me," before suggesting that Kieran should have stuck up for her.

Afterwards in the smoking area, Rebecca joins Joe and Kieran.

Rebecca tells Joe: “I think you are nasty.”

Joe replies: “I don’t give a f**k.”

Rebecca continues: “How would you feel if someone had said that about your daughter?”

Joe gets annoyed: “Don’t bring my daughter into this!”

Kieran then walks away and tells Rebecca: “You deserved it as you brought his daughter into this," prompting Rebecca to rage at Kieran.


After things calm down, in the kitchen, Charlotte believes Joe is ‘too hard as he’s brutally honest’

Meanwhile, Rebecca is venting about Kieran in the bedroom; “I would never let anyone speak to him like that. He’s just given me the biggest lesson.”


Later, Rebecca is talking to Big Brother in the diary room about Kieran: “I came in here with him, I’ve got so much loyalty to him, I would never let anyone speak to him like that. I want him gone (Joe) nasty bullying…I want to speak to Kieran.”

Big Brother calls Kieran to the diary room. He tells her; “I agree he was wrong in what he said to you…it shouldn’t have got personal.”

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10:30PM.

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