Big Brother 2017: Lotan Carter has had enough of Chanelle McCleary

Big Brother 2017

There's tension between Lotan Carter and Chanelle McCleary in tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights.

Chanelle's vulgar mouth continues to run in this evening's episode, as she reveals her 'dating' tips to the house related to hairy vaginas and "whore sex".

Lotan comments to Ellie about Chanelle: “I think I’ve hit my limit to what I can take from certain people.”

He continues: "She so loud. No one's done anything wrong but certain people are too much for me.


"I know I must be annoying people but for me to say someone's loud, that's really saying something."

But it's not just between Lotan and Chanelle that trouble is brewing.

Elsewhere in tonight's episode, in the kitchen, Deborah, Hannah and Raph are chatting and believe that ‘Rebecca is an instigator’

While later, Chanelle and Deborah are talking about Joe and Deborah claims that Joe is ‘mean’

Meanwhile, Ellie and Lotan decide to back away from one another following last night's drama.

In the Diary Room, Ellie says: "I feel like s**t. I don't want him [Lotan] to be mad at me and think I'm an insane bunny boiler, I'm not.. well I am... he's going to think I'm insane.

"No wonder he don't fancy me. Ahh. I'm not drinking any more. Literally, Ellie + Alcohol means danger . I've got no dignity left, where the hell is my dignity?"

Ellie and Lotan.
Ellie and Lotan.

And Lotan tells Big Brother of Ellie: “She just needs to stay away from me when she’s drunk. I’m going to distance myself when she’s sober as well;

"I’m not having it look like that I’m in any way interested. She should know better.”

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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