Big Brother steps in to stop another big row as it all kicks off again

Big Brother 2017

Big Brother steps in to stop a major row in tonight's show as it all kicks off again.

Joe Quaranta, Rebecca Jane and Kieran Lee all erupt at one another in a big bust up.

It starts with Rebecca angry at Joe after he apparently insulted her appearance.

Rebecca says: "You should never say to somebody 'Your smile irritates me'".

"I'm not taking f**k all back," replies a defiant Joe.

"It's nasty," declares Rebecca. "How would you feel if somebody said that to your daughter?"

Joe then kicks off and squares up to Rebecca, prompting her to shout: "Back away from me now, back away from me now."

Joe snaps: "Don't bring my daughter into it, you silly f**king idiot. Right? Don't bring my daughter into it, you idiot."

Rebecca responds: "You don't personally attack someone's appearance, ever."

Joe repeats: "Don't bring somebody's daughter into it you silly f**king cow."

"I'm somebody's daughter! I am somebody's f**king daughter," says Rebecca, "How would you feel?"

Kieran then gets involved, saying that Rebecca "deserved" Joe's anger.

And that left her raging at him: "You f**king what?! He said that to me and you think I f**king deserve it?"

Kieran and Rebecca.
Kieran and Rebecca.

"You just brought his daughter up into it," Kieran reasoned.

As things escalated Big Brother stepped in to instruct another housemate to escort Rebecca to the bedroom.

Kieran and Rebecca.
Kieran and Rebecca.

But Rebecca didn't budge and continued to rant at Kieran: "Don't you f**king dare! Don't you dare start on me."

Kieran replied: "You can't talk about daughters, man."

The fight will air in tonight's highlights show at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Truth or Dare causes tears, Chanelle reveals her dating secrets and Ellie visits the Diary Room worried about what she's said to Lotan.

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