Big Brother 2017: More drama for Ellie Young and Lotan Carter

Big Brother 2017

There's more drama for Ellie Young and Lotan Carter in tonight's Big Brother 2017.

After last night's clash, Ellie wakes up feeling apologetic towards Lotan.

In the bathroom, Lotan is talking to Rebecca about Ellie; “How do you get that drunk in here?” Rebecca tells Lotan that Ellie was sick in her bed.

In the Diary Room, Ellie says: "I feel like s**t. I don't want him [Lotan] to be mad at me and think I'm an insane bunny boiler, I'm not.. well I am... he's going to think I'm insane.


"No wonder he don't fancy me. Ahh. I'm not drinking any more. Literally, Ellie + Alcohol means danger . I've got no dignity left, where the hell is my dignity?

After, Joe advises Ellie to control and sip when she drinks alcohol.

Later on, in the smoking area, Ellie apologises to Lotan, she says: “The moral of the story is don’t put Ellie in a house with a Dreamboy!”

Lotan tells her; “I’ve pulled back a bit. I need to appreciate that you have thoughts and feelings… when you’re drunk, you go a certain way and it can be perceived to other people that I’m leading you on.

"I just don’t know how to tread.”

Ellie and Rebecca.
Ellie and Rebecca.

In the diary room, Lotan is talking to Big Brother about Ellie; “She just needs to stay away from me when she’s drunk. I’m going to distance myself when she’s sober as well;

"I’m not having it look like that I’m in any way interested. She should know better.”

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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