Big Brother 2017: Kayleigh Morris claims it's Chanelle McCleary who is 'aggressive'

Big Brother 2017

Kayleigh Morris has defended herself after getting the boot from Big Brother 2017.

Last night saw a major bust up between Chanelle McCleary and Kayleigh that ended with Kayleigh being ejected from the show completely.


The minor squabble began in the kitchen but quickly escalated, with Chanelle tipping over a glass and kicking a chair at Kayleigh, prompting her to react: "I'll smash your face in!"

As the two girls squared up, Big Brother instructed the other housemates to split them up.


"Smash my face in? Come on then!" shouted Chanelle at Kayleigh from across the house.

"Silly f**king little c**t!" Kayleigh retorted.


As Chanelle was taken to the bedroom, Kayleigh went with Rebecca to the Diary Room where she fumed: "I'm going to f**king hurt her ten times harder than she'll hurt me. She's six times the size of me, f**king fat c**t."

"Do you know how much I wanted to pick up a chair and smash it across her f**king face?"

She then threatened: "I'll grab a sharp object and f**king smack her with it."

Chanelle was given a formal warning for her part in the fight while Big Brother deemed Kayleigh's remarks so unacceptable she was kicked out.

Speaking out today, Kayleigh defended her actions and claimed Chanelle was the aggressive one.

Kayleigh told The Sun On Sunday newspaper: "I was just defending myself against Chanelle. I had no warning or final warning yet she's demonstrated aggressive physical behaviour in the last 13 days.


"I don't play games. What I said in the diary room is what I told or would have then told the person."

On Twitter, Kayleigh accused Chanelle of making "physical threats" and added: "but I loose my s**t once and it's a no go but it's cool. Foul mouthed I agree but I'm honest."

And she tweeted to one fan: "what u seen is bulls**t. I stand up for myself but I also had more fun that fall outs.Load of bollux what I've seen ‍♀️"

Although most backed Big Brother's decision to remove Kayleigh, some viewers did question how Chanelle remained in the house after the row.


"Kayleigh's behaviour is no worse than Chanelle''s. Either remove both or none! #BigBrother," tweeted @liannemason1981.


"So glad Kayleigh has been removed. Awful individual. Not sure how Chanelle got away with it though #bbuk," added @Ribbonrocks.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.