Big Brother 2017: Ellie Young in tears after Lotan Carter tells her to stop kissing him

Big Brother 2017

Ellie Young is in tears over Lotan Carter again in tonight's Big Brother 2017.

The pair have a falling out after Ellie gets a bit too hands on for Lotan.

Sitting together on the sofa, Ellie begins to kiss Ellie's neck before he tells her firmly to "stop it".

"Don't give me s**t like..." Ellie reacts.

Lotan and Ellie.
Lotan and Ellie.

"I'm not giving you s**t," Lotan interrupts.

Later, he tells the other housemates: "She's trying to kiss my neck and like what can I do?"

Hannah replies: "She's in love with you, trust me."

Meanwhile, in the garden, Joe advises Ellie: "Watch it babe, you're too emotional when you drink."

Ellie's tears following more just days ago when Marnie Simpson was in the house as part of a task.

Lotan opened up to Marnie in the garden and became emotional about his feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

He admitted to Marnie he was still hung up on her before flirting with the Geordie Shore star, “You’re beautiful and if I was single or whatever, I would be so interested it would be ridiculous”.

Lotan and Ellie.
Lotan and Ellie.

Watching on, Ellie was upset that Lotan was attracted to Marnie.

Ellie went to the Diary Room to talk about Lotan and sobbed: “It’s like some new hot tottie’s come in and chuffing hell, it’s sell by date’s gone on me, by the sounds of it. Love is blind.”

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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